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Positions in the House


As of December 2, 2001 this is the current list of people holding positions in the house.



Executive Board Positions

President - Gabe Lamb
Vice President - Steve Palms
Rush - Tony Lozon and Erik Roll
Moo - Don Hughes
Secretary - Nolan Sharda
Socials - Mike Schneider and Chris Zalinski
Treasurer - Mike Strugala
Vice President of Alumni Relations - Charlie Marshall

Risk Management - Tony Lozon
Scholarship - Rob Scott
Sorority Relations - Ken Clark
Song Chair - Erik Roll
Chaplain - Rob Scott
Athletic Chair - Greg Kobrzycki
Philanthropy - Charlie Marshall
Community Service - Darren
Fundraising - Don Hughes
Inter-Fraternity Counsel Delegate - Dustin Hoffman
Sergeant at Arms - Tony Lozon
Technical Coordinator - Dustin Hoffman (maker of this web page)
Historian -  Mike Vanderslut
Brotherhood - Chris Zalinski

Other Members: Josh Smail, Nic Loewe, Justin Southern, Justin McBride, Jeff Edinger, Duncan Debruin, Eric Rombaugh, Mike Roth